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TheDyingSun's News

Posted by TheDyingSun - August 26th, 2019

Happy Robot Day guys!

During a week of SAT prep up to the actual test, I had been working on this year's drawing. It's kind of what kept me sane through the hours of studying I was doing.

If you haven't seen it yet, here's the link!

Also, Earlier on this summer I was interviewed by @ACoupleOfCrickets

It was really fun and awesome experience!

Check out the podcast here:

That's about it, I hope to see you guys again soon!




Posted by TheDyingSun - June 15th, 2019

Good morning everyone!

I've been doing so many teases about it, but I'm doing a cartoon series here on NG called "Tele-buddies" and I'm looking for voice actors!


These positions are open:





DM me here on Discord ( TheDyingSun#1739 ) or on NG if you're interested with links to your previous work (or just a voice reel). If you're aiming for a specific character feel free to send over a voice clip of what you think that character sounds like! DO NOT ADD ANY EFFECTS. If SFX has to be added, it will be added later and I prefer to hear your raw voice to get a better idea.

I'm excited to hear your voices!



Posted by TheDyingSun - May 25th, 2019

ninjamuffin made me post this link to the newground server :(



Posted by TheDyingSun - March 13th, 2019

Competition season is relentless atm... I've been trying to push the update I wanted to do from last news posts, but it's not ready. So this is just a placeholder updates. So, check out the stuff from the past week or two, and also, my twitter is alive again, so that is here. But otherwise, it's been busier than I've been expecting, as usual, and downtime has been pretty much non existent.

So yeah, til next time, still trying to think of what the fluff to do for five years,


Posted by TheDyingSun - February 3rd, 2019




I wasn't prepared for this,

And now this news post is starting to look like my 5th grade free form poems,

Which we're pretty bad mind you.


Thank you guys so much for 100+ fans! It's been awesome. I wasn't prepared as for some unknown reason. (It was finals week, definately finals) I've been working on other things that are prepping for the five year mark, and I noticed I'll be at competition! So, I have to finish it early. The first draft is done, and hopefully within the next too weeks I'll have a more complete and informative update on it, so stayed tuned for that, because I think you might want to get involved, idk.


I was also in a stream earlier, eh with @PigLice . Heh, I was the guy with a robot voice. We've done some quick draw sessions together and I thought it might be cool to show something from way back in September. He's really helped me out with developing my skills and finding new ways to study drawing!

I'm kind of sorry this is a really left-field post, there will be more info in the next one. 

- TheDyingSun


Posted by TheDyingSun - December 31st, 2018

Happy New Year’s Eve!

    It’s seems like this year has dragged on for too long. However, even as one chapter ends, another peaks over the horizon illuminating new horizons of what is to come. I am excited for next year, and I hope it goes better than this one.

    I’m going to start going into all of the self reflection of the year at the current moment in the news post, and if you think you’d be bored by that, or you just don’t want to read it at the current moment, you can skip to the last passage. I’ll summarize everything there.

    Through my drawing this year the things that I have improved on were definitely timing, shading, perspective, form, and color. I learned with “And Ya Know Snipers?” for Pico Day, that if I’m going to do a scene drawing, the perspective needs to be set up almost immediately. In “In The Middle”, I did an experiment with color going off of two main tones. Color experimentation can be seen earlier on, but this was the big one. A hand for a hand was an experiment giving me an idea into my personal animation process. Anubis’s Christmas helped with shading as I even mentioned in the description of it, EVERYTHING REFLECTS LIGHT. Along with time, I wouldn’t have been able to produce as many pieces as I had this year if I hadn’t gotten my time down to a reasonable amount. My drawings have been averaging out to about six and a half hours, with a few exceptions or some taking closer to seven.

    Other than that, I know what I have to work on. Anatomy for humans, which will help me in the long run, needs special work as a weakness of mine is human faces. I want to make sure my shading is completely accurate as well. Most of my drawings, present and past, have one single subject and or character in them. I want to change that, showing more interaction.

    However, I’ve felt like something is missing in my drawings. I don’t know precisely what it is, but I have a reasonable guess. It’s missing emotion, expression, making things pop! Make the wild even wilder, make the curious even more curious, make the sassy even more sassy. Show the reactions of others to these wild characters. And overall, make them seem grounded. By that I mean, it’s hard to relate to a plague doctor isn’t it? But it’s easier to relate with another person of their anger at said doctor for burning their house down (“TDLR; It’s Fine”). There needs to be a reference point, that is why I believe most concept artists include a human standing in awe of everything else that is before them. From there we know the size of the entire location, and we can put ourselves in their shoes. Even adding more emotion to a usually straight-faced character could help me.

    Sometimes I do forget that all 89 of you, and about 5 more who stumbled across this news post, don’t know what’s going on in my head. As an example, the character in “Are You Ok Traveler” has a name! I briefly mentioned this on my Twitter, but the blue bird you see in two of my drawings, and previously my icon, he’s part of a larger story that connects him with the Courier (“An Eye for an Eye” and “A Hand for a Hand”)! What I’m trying to say in its entirety is that there are more stories I need to tell you, and I need to say more of what I’m doing so I don’t seem like I’ve succumb to a plague of some sort.

    And.. yes of course! The dark part of the newspost. Slowly throughout the year I started to become aware of this repeating pattern, but nevertheless, I accidentally told my story through my drawings this year. Most of them anyway. In retrospect, I begun my year off being a blind dreamer holding on to something that was never going to be there. However, I still found that I had a gear heart and Trooper showed up as quite literally my personal conscious about robotics. However, I was still stuck in the middle with most things this year. And with deepest respects to my past self, in the middle of the year everything was not as fine as I made it out to be. I was just trying to float along with how everything was, and still is so tightly woven with each other and constricted me through the year. I had to change allegiances with some things, and it was rough.

    Anyway, I did a lot of extra stuff this year though, including being the shirt designer for my school’s powerpuff shirt. It was surreal having the design plastered on every shirt at the game. I ran off early for.. Robotics.  There is more, but it’s time I wrap this up and get to the finality in this all:


    To those who read through that big body of text, thank you, and to those who skipped, I don’t blame you. As I head through the last three and a half months before my 5th anniversary on Newgrounds, I hope that you’ll see changes for the better (those who read know exactly what I’m talking about). However, I’m not sure how I might be able to fit this all in, and I might not be able to at all. There is a serious possibility I might be going “dark” for the next few months with robotics, studying for and taking the SAT, and making sure my grades can be the best they can be. It kind of bums me out that as I’m reaching for that big five I can’t do anything as I approach it. I have to remember this is all speculation as I don’t know how strong robotics will come on this year until Saturday. It’s gonna be stressful, but good stress.

    The year was a 1 out of 10, I would only do it again for the Newgrounds meet up in March and the meet ups with @Temariix and @GabbyXD-Animations . I will be around for Pixel Day, I hope I can “knock everyone’s socks off” this year with it.


Happy New Year, and thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator.

(I'm running out of my house at the current moment, but there is a "last drawing of the year" coming out tonight!)


Posted by TheDyingSun - November 3rd, 2018

Good morning everyone! I'm coming from Ramp Riot at Wissahickon Highschool in Ambler Pennsylvania!


Ramp Riot is an off-season F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Competition event with the 2018 season's game being called First Power-Up! If you're interest at the current moment and if you're in the area... come on up! Take a look at some videos of FIRST Power Up competitions if you don't know if this is your kind of thing. I know watching six robots at a time compete isn't exactly to everyone's taste, but you can feel the energy in the air! (It's not Battle Bots, please don't get your hopes up for that!) An FRC Event comprises of about 30+ teams of highschool robotics teams that competer, to well, win. But still maintain Gracious Proffesionalism and learn from out losses!


Also you can look up Ramp Riot on Google and you'll find more information on the event.


Besides the big plug for the robotics competition, I know I've been dead for about 2 months (and more if you count me going without an update) now ever since I posted "Firefly Vortex". I have been busy AND productive. Robotics kicked off fanomaly in September and has been keeping me busy and helping me learn more about robotics than I ever knew before! I've been getting into the programming side, and I half know what my code is, half... well... don't. Nevertheless, it's been fun! I've been working on my scene for the Bartman Reanimate Collab, and I have a drawing in the works that is coming out wonderfully (or atleast in my eyes). There is one last thing.... but sadly that might not come out for months, so I'm not gonna get hype about it.

I've been able to visit the lovely @Termariix twice over the dead time I've had. I was able to meet her sweet cat Peanut, who is soft as silk as I do have to say myself. We were able to go around the "Bridge Bust" near Lancaster as well earlier this month. It's been unexplainably sweet to be able to visit her and talk about art and animation!


Switching, you can feel the music in the stadium. The bass boost is awesome! AND I CAN FINALLY SEE THE SUN PEEKING THROUGH THE WINDOWS!!!! 


Posted by TheDyingSun - July 18th, 2018

I have two drawings that should be done soon (remember last time I said that?). And, heh, I kind of hated it, but that means there's a lot of room for improvement... my first cartoon was released Monday! I'm planning on working on  somthing for round 3, but I won't be at home for a week in the middle of that, and I haven't been at home for a while now, geez. I want my normal set up back.

I went out around Lancaster with @Temariix over the weekend and it was fun! Check out her lastest news post if you want to read more about that. (The ice cream was delicious)

And that's about it!

Destination Deep Space is looking cool af though.



Posted by TheDyingSun - May 17th, 2018

I overshot, again. We are still working on Jimmy and His Father, but we started to have consistency errors within the characters because Stream and I split the scenes. Next week I will be pushing myself to finish two drawings (even during state testing). Pico Day has also set a new standard for me quality wise and it was really fun to finish that drawing! That's about it for now. Cheers!


Posted by TheDyingSun - May 5th, 2018

It's late in the night and Pico Day is almost complete, but I'm still getting this in:

Happy Pico Day! And, thank you Newgrounds. You provide an amazing site for creators and everyone tries to support everyone else. It's been a lovely experience at the meet-ups with each time getting me more and more inspired! There is a magic to those nights, and I smile every time I think of them.