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TheDyingSun's News

Posted by TheDyingSun - 1 month ago

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlebots!

Happy Robot day

I am super happy with the turn out this year so go check out, not only my drawing, but everyone's entries! I haven't been able to get them all.

So in the spirit of updates, and robots, I'm going to go backwards today.


I am currently out of state, and will be for the next few months. Aka, I'm going to be at Robo-college, learning the ins and outs of programming and Computer Science and most importantly... SOCIAL DISTANCING. Seriously, keep that up. I don't want my school closing because people decided to party =.=


The Robot Day illustration was released today and I am still open for commissions. So take a look at the sheet and feel free to contact me.


I'm still going to see what I can do while I'm away at college and since I'm sort of on vacation, I don't have time to enter the pARTy contest, but I still want to run with the concept I had for that. So, fun stuff :>

I seriously don't know the future of my art and I do want to focus more on Robotics this fall, but, we shall see what happens to each of them.

Otherwise, things are going okay and I'll update you all along the way.

All the best


Also: I don't know why this was stuck in my head, but here we GO

Robot Hell 🎵



Posted by TheDyingSun - 1 month ago

Characters commissions are now open! I have 5 slots spanning my Twitter, Insta, and here on NG. Currently 5 out of 5 are open!

If you would like to contact me for a full illustration, please message me personally and I will give you further details.





Posted by TheDyingSun - August 3rd, 2020

Holy fluff, thank you for 300 fans!

I still am updating my Twitter and Instagram more, so feel free to follow either. I do more short updates along the way instead of longer updates like this, and there are some smaller drawings that won't show up on here for a while. But otherwise:

Art Stuff

I've worked hard and long on these guys, but I have two firefly plushies up for sale on my Etsy for $35 each. More details on there.

I actually did a plush commission back in July, which was fun, and I'll be reworking some of my templates soon for robot and plague doctor plushes!

Illustration Stuff

At the time of posting this, a new drawing should be up! It's more of a personal thing, but hey, I enjoyed doing it. It kind of reminded me of "Thinking of Paradise" from last year.

I want to do more line art and found some good exercises. Same with Anatomy.

I'm prepping stuff for Robot Day at the moment, and I'm pretty annoyed at myself for not working on the Tele-buddies for so long. I want to have the storyboard done before I go off to...

Robotics Stuff

...college. I'm going for Computer Science, and I'll be away from my normal base. I don't know how it's going to affect art as much, but I'm trying to do more studying in CS and Electronics before I go. I might show some coding work I'm doing leading up to it, but at this point, I have 3 weeks left, and I'm kind of eh, I just need to wrap up so many things before I go.

But that's how it rolls.

I still want to connect with you guys, so just always be aware I'm down to talk about my work and how I do things. I'd be cool teaching too. I might not be the best, but I want to help you guys anyway I can with art. Feel free to ask for reviews too!






Posted by TheDyingSun - July 11th, 2020

Good afternoon everyone!

I've been more free due to school being over for the year. However, I only have about 5 weeks of my summer left. So I will be trying my best to make these next few weeks count!

I've been rather busy and oddly productive. I've been finishing up a large commission (this is why I didn't start digital painting commissions back in May), and working on a smaller project with some local folks. I am excited to get back to more digital art however, and I'm glad I was able to get the drawing "Walking Through Space" done as fast and nicely as I did. I am using my Twitter and Instagram more. I will be uploading more and more drawings slowly, and I've been getting uncannily better and faster. Let's hope it stays that way. Thank you all for the support on the last drawing as well! I'm happy so many people liked it!


Finished and polished illustrations will require a thorough look at the project, but icons/busts will be 30 USD (Full color and paint). Example

I will have a full commission sheet up soon, but if you are interested in commissioning me while waiting for that to be finalized, feel free to DM me!

(Edit: I lowered the price to 30 USD for a full color, again, I will be having a full commission sheet up soon :>)

So follow my Twitter/Insta for more frequent updates, Insta for more crafts and day to day, and Twitter for more digital art. No worries, that will get mixed up quite soon.





Posted by TheDyingSun - May 13th, 2020

Whew, well Pico Day was fun! I have a few updates to share though since I've been kind of missing here besides my artwork showing up.

My Etsy is finally online!

After some silence on my end, I finished setting it up and I have a few of my art pieces up for sale as 18 by 12 inch prints. I'll be adding more of my pieces as I go, but if there are any specific drawings I have done that you'd like to see up there feel free to ask!

The posters are all up there for $20 USD each with free shipping!

I was scheduled to be a vendor at South Jersey Geekfest on April 13th, but it got moved to the fall due to Coronavirus. So, I've been trying to move things to mostly online.

I will be going up for commission within the next two weeks

Keep an eye out for details, but it's mainly going to be slotted commission for icons.

On the case of Coronavirus, it really has uprooted a lot of stuff for me. My senior year of high school has been online, I don't know if I'm going to be on campus next year, and all my competitions have been thrown out the door. The plague doctor in me is oddly happy with everything being cancelled by a pandemic, however, this all still sucks 😅

Still, maintain social distancing, wash your hands, don't touch your face, and wear your mask over your nose and mouth. Stay healthy and stay home if you can. The curve is going down, but we're still in the middle of it all, it sucks a lot, but I hope you all take some peace in knowing that we're all in this together.

(Uhm, a side note here, any sort of medical help is currently hard to get, physical and mental, due to the health system being stressed during this time, but don't give up. Some of you out there do need help, so please don't give up. PM me if you need help with anything)

Thank you for your time, and stay healthy!

Your local robotic plague doctor,




Posted by TheDyingSun - May 9th, 2020

Happy 25 years to an amazing site!

Check out this year's drawing!

MY GOSH that drawing was INSANE.

I was also an idiot and decided to use experimental techniques to try to finish it, but hey.

I wanted to try to capture the feeling of being in Philadelphia because the Pico Day party got cancelled.

Places I referenced (or thought of) include: Pennsylvania convention center, Reading Terminal Market, South Street, The Fashion District, and Revolutions Bowling!

Have a lovely night my guys. Happy Pico Day.



Posted by TheDyingSun - January 23rd, 2020

Happy Pixel Day guys!

I haven't missed once since it's inception, and this is the fifth year anniversary of it! Oh dear, now I feel old...

Otherwise, special thanks to @RealFaction for suggesting this holiday! It's always fun to challenge myself (usually the evening before) to work with a limited color palette and resolution to still create something that conveys some amazing detail! My pixel day drawing is a kick off for things to come in the upcoming year. So, more drawings are to come!

I'm proud of this year's. I think it's cute, and I didn't rush to finish it! I mean, sort of. I was able to give it a lot of care this year, and I'm glad it came out fine.

Welp, cheers, and Happy Pixel Day!




Posted by TheDyingSun - January 10th, 2020

Heya guys!

I am done most of my applications and I wanted to post this before I get caught up with robotics this weekend.

And of course, a preliminary announcement:

I’m still looking for a voice actor for Lily for the Telebuddies! For how to approach me on that please follow the details outlined in the original post here. I’ll post this in the collabinator if I don’t get another person, but I’m still in a tad of a tight spot here for time.

SO, first things first. You all are gonna make me mother fluffin’ cry. Over December I’ve been happy to help @GeoKerulei with the Advent Calendar and see everyone being brought together with it. Special thanks to @Sevi who stepped in as back up since I couldn’t make it for Christmas. I can’t thank you guys enough. Thank you @BrandyBuizel for keeping everything in line for the collab too and @NickConter for the snow sculptures! The musicians we’re amazing too and I found myself humming the songs even outside of game. Everything was awesome and I’m excited to help again later on this year!

It was genuinely nice to see others draw me in their comical ways too for these last few collabs as well. Since October, I kind of felt a little divided. I had to run off to do all of my testing for college and I appreciate the patience from the entire Newgrounds community and my friends for all the insanity I’ve been in. It was lovely to come back to see the silly nonsense everyone was involved with and all the collabs and new animations!

@Snackers started up Duncan and Jones, and I’ve been loving it! 

@Dogl has been doing beautiful voice work everywhere and he has the voice of an angel let me tell you!

@Oddlem keeps coming out with beautiful pieces, she’s a goofball, but in the best way possible.

@irri is always keeping things fresh with his artwork and is part of the reason why I now have 6 succulent cactuses under my care.

There are so many others, and if I didn’t mention you, know that I love you too!

For this year, I have to say it’s looking up.

As odd as it sounds, I’ve been learning more about myself through the college application process. The applications forced me to be completely and utterly open about who I am. My love for AI and my ultimate goal for Artificial Consciousness, my love for art and how it grew into my love for robotics, and how I came to be a person that tries to put my all in whatever I can.

Those, alongside talking to my friends, had helped me become more comfortable in who I am, in every way. I tend to be a little bit of an over thinker and fear the worst, but it’s been ok. I’ve just been normal, absolutely insane, and “needing to sleep version” of me.

I do need to get used to my close affiliation with my art and Newgrounds though. In a way, it’s like hiding the fact you’re dating from the rest of your family. You love them dearly but it’s kind of awkward to tell your family because you don’t know how they’re going to react. That’s how I’ve felt through most of my college applications when I mentioned Newgrounds. I’ve been open about it in some of them where I felt comfortable talking about it. I am proud of the Newgrounds community and my affiliation, it’s just something I’m almost used to since I’m the face for several other communities.

Speaking of communities, I wanted to do some updating about all the other ones I’m working with, mainly SkillsUSA and FIRST Robotics.

In SkillsUSA I’ve been training other competitors for 3D animation and Pin Design. That’s about it, and I’m thinking about auditioning for singing the national anthem. I’m no opera singer, but I love to belt out singing!

In FIRST robotics our robotics build season started last week and I’ve been working on designing and prototyping (as much as I can since I’ve been exhausted). I’m still doing announcing, and it’s such an exciting experience!

As for moving forward, In my last update I said I’m working towards an online store. I’m still keeping the ball rolling on that and I’m working towards preparing pieces for print.

But that’s just all the updates about the things I’m doing. What about me?

The months I’ve been MIA have been interesting. In the past my soul for robotics had been thrown to the way-side and was even scared to return. In October, it started to return at full force. Robotics is my true love and many pieces of my life make sense now looking back through that lens. I can say, fear most certainly gets in the way of things as while I work towards things, fear is usually what tells me I can’t do it. However, you have to be willing to take risks and experiment. As is true to me, my art style changes every week DUE TO experimentation.

Still, your guys’ love and support is what keeps me going. I tend to pile work up for myself, if it’s anxiety or my way of cheating death, I don’t know. Nevertheless, I don’t focus too much on everything I’ve already done and just keep working. It’s you guys that remind me that everything I do is important. You remind me I’m more than just a kid from New Jersey. And most importantly...

 You all make me proud to be:




Posted by TheDyingSun - December 4th, 2019

Holy mother of fluff, thank you guys so much for over 200 fans!

It's so cool to know so many of you like my work, and I'm so sorry I've been inactive around here recently, and it's gonna be like that pretty much until later on this December, I mean, beside the Advent Calendar this year. If you haven't gotten a chance to check out the lovely collab hosted by @GeoKureli

What are you wait for? Check it out!!!

I've been helping out by making the tree for each of the days, and I can't say exactly, but we're gonna have a ton more fun with the tree than last year! And it's super awesome to work with everyone on the advent calendar, it makes everything feel more like Christmas :)

Before I go into what I've been doing for the past while, I want to tell about some plans for the future. In April next year, I will be a vendor at South Jersey Geekfest, a small little con hosted by the lovely people at Tiki Tiki Board games. I'm not paid to say that (that's half a lie) it's just fact. I'm super excited to host my own little stall and in you're in the area I would love for you to come by! I'm going to be selling posters, buttons, stickers, and plushies. I've been working on getting materials and thinking up the display, and I'm having so much fun with it! However, since I know some of you are not anywhere near New Jersey, I'm hoping to set up an online store by the end of this month. It'll be posters at first, and I need to keep on track with that. I also have a Ko-fi now! The current goal is to buy a pack of 24 Monsters because I'm tired as FLUFF. But otherwise, that's all that's the plans going forward for art, for robotics, he's working like hell flipping papers around for college applications and getting ramped up for build season in January.

Art Stuff

I have a confession to make, I've been making plague doctor masks for the past two months in my free time. I designed the entire template, tested it in paper, made it in pleather, and then finished one in leather one Monday! It was actually work for a client, but hey, it looks snazzy as fluff! Leather lace, poly-carbonate lenses, leather pieces, and rivets... it was so much fun! It took too long though


This is the closest to a face reveal you're gonna get

I also did a plush of Trooper! I also designed the template, and hadn't gotten around to sewing him until a few weeks ago so...


I'll try to do some actual art post covering a whole bunch of this stuff more in depth.

But other wise, thank you guys again for 200 fans! It's super exciting and I have a few sketches I want to flesh out, so there drawings coming, just not now, I have another SAT on Saturday o.o


-The Dying Sun



Posted by TheDyingSun - October 27th, 2019

[ Quick thing, I'm in the middle of finishing college applications, so I legit haven't gotten much of a chance to draw, SO more stuff after Nov 1st :) ]

Come join Plague Doctors Anonymous!

A club of plague doctors on Newgrounds in response to a lack of sanitation in the Newgrounds office which caused the office to be temporarily shut down!