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(EDIT: Sorry for my silence as per replies, I haven't been wanting to talk much, I'll be back in a week or so)


Good Morning/Evening Everyone. 2021 is in full swing all over the world! Let's make the best of it. This year has been interesting to say the least on my end. But before we dive in deep...



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(P.S. I update my Twitter and Instagram differently and at different intervals.)

What Good Stuff Happened in 2020?

-Before the Pandemic

Before the Pandemic, I was set up for a lot. I was doing well in class and I started to branch more into leatherworking.

-During the Pandemic (Which is still going on)

I was able to finish off classes strong, and I got commissioned to do some plush stuff. I celebrated my 6th year of art, and was one of the top submissions for Pico Day! I went off to school, did well, and finished commissions and still got to meet some awesome people while I was there.


If you've been living under a rock, or just joined NG (which if it's the case, welcome!), I was able to help out with the Tankmas ADVENTure for the third year in a row! Thank you @GeoKureli, @BrandyBuizel, @NickConter, and all the artists in the collab for making this year's collab spectacular! @Snackers Duncan and Jones premiere was banging, and @Butzbo's music box is so much fun to play with (with music by @ConnorGrail)!

I've recently gotten a job to help build up a few things for this year and I'm trying to upgrade my home base so to speak. It's becoming a bit more cozy, instead of being a storm-hit room, since I was always running place to place beforehand.

Reflections & Other Stuff

-Art Stuff

Back in 2018, I mentioned that I wanted to add more expression to my characters and make my drawings more lively, and looking back over the past two years, I believe I've been moving closer towards that. I've been drawing more faces, human or not, and doing more grand backgrounds and scenes! I'm so happy to see all the color and shading developing over the years alongside with my anatomy ability growing.

I still need to unwind when I draw, I always try to be a tad of a perfectionist... and that doesn't work out well. I've still going to move towards multi-characters drawings with more scenes. My mind is sort of drawing blanks at the moment, but I still have some ideas in the holding.

And if you haven't checked it out yet:


2020 overall was ok, while I'm writing this, it just feels like everything hopefully stays in 2020, but I know it won't. The pandemic of course will still be here, it's just weird having this feeling of having a whole new year to work with. My birthday is in 14 days and it's kind of hard for me to think of where I was last year. I hate to be so blunt, but I think about all the things that I lost over the year, friends, family, and a sense that things were going well. It's been kind of empty over here, with lots of confusion as to what will happen next. Quite frankly put, I'm scared. There are loose ends that need to be tied up still, and a lot I can't wrap up nicely into a year. My home base isn't so much home for me and it more is just a base. It's a small room, and Pascal and Perl are good company, but it makes me worry about what's outside of my base. I'm working on it, but as I said earlier, this isn't something that can be wrapped up nicely in a year, and I'm looking for solutions.

Plans for the New Year

-Being Imperfect

As some of you may know, I released a song during this week called "Mountain". I really enjoyed just releasing it as music is a part of me that exists but hasn't been worked on for a while. So it was kind of thrilling to release this imperfect song just to start learning where to get better! Thank you @GoodL for the critique. This year I really need to relax and learn that I'm not going to be professional grade with music, or especially animation, anytime soon. Same with programming and everything else I'm working on. I want to have a chance to get better, and that's always what keeps me sharp. Hopefully, out of that more of everything will start to develop, and it might not be the best, but hey, at least it's something.


That brings me to the Telebuddies. I want to release two episodes this year, and building off from earlier, the episodes are not going to be perfect. During the summer last year, I decided to completely cut the pilot because it didn't fit the story anymore, I didn't like it, and I was still missing the voice actor for Lily... I don't want to voice act her... @GabbyXDAnimations and I were supposed in April but... Covid...

Anyway, Lily and Cory won't show up for a while so you'll hear the buttery voices of @dogl and @SwordGrayFire. Now who's going to be who has been a continuous argument.

I plan to finish the storyboard for the EP. 1 before my birthday and the entire animation before the middle of the Spring Semester. (Feel free to spam me about this)

-Store Etc

I didn't announce it because it didn't happen... but my first artist alley table was going to be in 2020. I've moved most of the poster I have to Etsy for now. I'm planning on doing plushies to put up there soon. I currently have some prints up there of a few drawings, and I may expand the prints that are available.

I did some plush commissions over the year, and and working on one for @ChutneyGlaze right now! Well, not really, it's for fun, but depending on what happens they may become a thing.

I'm still planning to do some events while I'm back at college though, and I'll announce them here is there happen.


I'm looking to collab this year with a few musicians. I'm not sure if I'm the best singer, but I think doing some lyrical based music alongside more personal instrumental would be cool. I used to play flute, and I have a half dozen of random instruments, including a kalimba I got for Christmas. Everything is being hashed out atm.


Since I'm taking Computer Science as one of my majors, I want to use what I know a bit more and apply it to HaxelFlixel video games! Nothing too complex, but I have a simple puzzle/exploration game idea in mind.

Ultimate Goals for the Year

I have sort of a list here, from everything I mentioned in the previous sections I want to:

  • Program at least one game in HaxeFlixel and release it on NG
  • Finish Episode 1 and 2 of the Telebuddies
  • Make some music with the bros
  • Make mistakes and learn
  • Find my family

Moving Towards Pixel Day

As pertaining to last few years. Pixel Day is always when I release my first drawing of the year. I kind of want to change that because 23 days is a long time and I might be packing to head back to school by then. So soon you should see something to start 2021 a bit early.

For fun, feel free to compare this post to last year's.

I have a couple questions for ya'll as well. I've been thinking about Ko-fi and Patreon again, mainly to help with school and business stuff. What do ya'll think?



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