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Happy New Year Everyone!

I finally am settling back in my apt and getting ready for school again.

If you missed it, I did a drawing of most of the folks I met in person this year!

It includes:

@ProffessorDunce (Who I met up with in Philly twice in 2022)

@SyrupMasterz It was Thron's idea to wake you up with syrup

Thron (The plague doctor, they're non NG, but a few of ya'll know em)

@maxxjamez @heyopc @Droid  THE BOYS

@poptaffy Mate, I'm going to draw your OC again, it was fun

@jack Jacked Jack

@littlbox  @GoodL ACOCK Rock

@bitbeak Vibing in the airbnb watching littlbox's stuff right before we picked him up

@dogl EGG

@PsychoGoldfish Thanks for Hosting Pico Day :)

@OddboyAnim Randomly encountered at a club, thanks for allowing randos to compliment your shirt XD

@Onic Vibing

@ChutneyGlaze  and @Maiden-Chynna Congrats guys <3

@Goji Goober

@Shal Professional "fast walker"

@Jacob I can still taste the peanut butter

@Xinxinix We'll start a dance circle some day

@BuhlBoy Thanks for the help last January btw

@Spadezer BUNK BRO

@chimp-shrimp How's the onion doing?

@StaggerNight we found him, we got big foot

Admittedly it is missing @AJtheRed

Thank you all for saying hi to me this year! I hope to see a lot of you guys again! Maybe for... Pico day?

Check out all these cool folks above though :D


2022 Recap (fast edition)

-Got a few physical pieces into a gallery

-Went to Meow Wolf: Convergence Station

-Went the furthest from my spawn point as I've even gone (Salt Lake City!!!)

-Working with art faculty on campus

-Gave a robot anxiety

-Got better with physical mediums, for no reason at all ;)

-Programmed a robot arm, roomba, and fancy roomba

So, what's next?

So while I was stalling to post this, I got a notice that I would be exhibiting. More details later, it's like late August/September it'll happen.

I'm still working on animation, and I'm done all the robotics courses I need at the moment.

More illustrations (of course, and my New year's drawing forced me to get good at drawing people)

And you'll see me for Pixel day in 19 days (as of posting)

I can't think of anything else at the moment, so that's it for now :)

Happy New Year's everyone. I got a lot of great memories in 2022 thanks to Newgrounds community. I'm proud to be part of this community and share the passion and liveliness that exists here.





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Open for Commissions!

Hi all! I'm open for commissions again! Here's the base page with examples:


I'm always open to questions, and DM me if interested! I'm currently doing 5 open slots at the moment.

Other Examples:


-Normal Illustration:

-Complex Illustration:

Other Notes & Terms:

-PLEASE give me good references, character design is another branch of my work I can do, but please DM me about a ref sheet and or illustration if that's what you're looking for.

-I take Paypal, but can also send you invoices through Square (etc.... we'll work it out)

-The prices for the normal and complex illustrations are the base price for said complexities and additional request (like more fully detailed characters) may add onto the price, HOWEVER, these prices include pretty much standard and give you a good amount of illustration choices :)


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