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Lovely work man! I do have to agree with Igyzone on this one that it looks more like an intro, and I would find it interesting to see what would be after it. For the changing camera view with the characters, keep in mind that things in the background move slower and things closer move faster. Keep up the good work, and I would love to see more madness cartoons in your style!

Nice job! I had a good laugh, and everything was decently animated! The voices were good, but be aware of the volume fluctuations. They can be kind of distracting to the overall cartoon. I would love to see this continue! Good luck!

EmperorKatuunuXVI responds:

Good to know dude. I'll see if I can go back and fix up the audio later on.

I applaud you dear sir.
Either than that, I love how you recreated the characters! The expressions were very well done and the lip sync was good. Try to find some way to create more interesting looking repeating animation. such as with flames, you can create 5 different flames within a loop with a prime number of frame which make the flames only repeat exactly at the same time as all of the prime numbers multiplied together. Try to be careful with tweening. While it is a powerful and useful tool, when it is used wrong, it's usually quite obvious. Still, keep it up! This was an awesome recreation!
(Yes, all that for a meme)

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Overall, an ok game. However the controls are VERY difficult to work with and it's kind of hard to get a feel for everything. Play some other games and look at where they place different controls. That might help you. The graphics are cool and keep up the good work!

b-random9 responds:

I've played plenty of other games and I've had people tell me the controls are easy to get used to in a similar game I made (had the arrow keys + WASD controls). Can you please elaborate on which parts you had trouble with?

It's just working out for me, there is no involvement with you just watching. The story seems to be too flat and kind of basic and not really unique. You're just dropped into a world where you feel nothing for the characters because you have no background at the start at all. The art style was fabulous but its the story in this case that really needs a boost. You just click to do missions and not much involvement in battle either. It's actually kind of painful to watch such a beautiful colored game with flat characters and a basic story. I was just a few minutes in and I groaned at how to laugh of one of the bad guys was. It's the extremely basic plot, and doesn't give the player enough chance to even consider this much of a game they "play". Sorry, but this has an extremely poor plot.

I like games that challenge you to be very alert. The game actually reminded me of Ditto. Through the mirror is more involved with the whole idea of reflection. The graphics are simple, but smooth. The levels were challenging, especially because you go so far and you think you're almost there then you see there is more. I did like the soundtrack that was playing to create a mood.

Overall, The game is challenging, the soundtrack creates a mood. and the graphics are smooth

This might be just me I'm just not that all liking the game because it is hard, The graphics are simple, but it would atleast want something more to it, either giving it a different sprite or a story to them, I forget the game, but someone was doing a playthrough of a game the had simple graphics but a narrator game them personalities. Just the look the something can give it personality or depth to what it is. Just saying, that's what I honestly think.

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Pretty cool, and spacey feeling. It gives off a cool vibe to fits well in the category of ambient. I might say the beginning is not as strong with the inner portion and end coming off stronger. I think my reason at the beginning is due to a bit awkward timing. Be wary of that comment to your own discretion. Anyway, it's really a nice song to chill to. Keep up the good work man!

BasedGas responds:

Thanks for the review m8!
I'll try my best to improve next time!


Awesome beat and mix of sounds... It's not completely blown up... or silent!
I like the opening! I actually quite enjoy a mix of city sounding music and adventurous! Absolutely the best! I can imagine many stories and events...
Keep up the great work!
I loved this!

larrylarrybb responds:


Nice playing though... and this made me laugh a bit XD

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The line art and form has a wonderful elegance to it, but I think your shading should reflect this. Try messing around with colors for shadows and be aware of ambient lighting. Shadows aren't strictly black (sometimes maybe) and tend to reflect the environment around them. Experiment with colored lines as well. If you're line art is on another layer, use alpha lock to help yourself paint them in however you please. The wings look angelic and that really adds to the piece. Experiment further with brushes, especially for your background. Even using textured brushes in some cases can help with shading the color in line art. I can't wait to see what else you have to tell through drawing!

Interesting look to the character! I would say he just needs some cleaner shading. The shading on the character should be well defined emphasizing the crevasses and roughness in his character. While adding more detail to the pumpkin pieces, I would say try to find a simpler way to do the details for the roots otherwise. To accomplish this you can do quick drawing sessions where you time yourself trying to find the most efficient way to emulate a certain texture. The root details also kind of make it hard for the viewer to find a certain focal point, which I would have to assume is the face. Shading can also work to you advantage in that as well. The shadow created by the light on his hand should somewhat darken the arm in the foreground causing the torso to be a bigger focus. After that the light is very close to his face and should light it up the most creating a sort of contrast in that way. Thing is, you have a wonderful sense of structure and anatomy that is visible. The character balance is only slightly off, but it something you get the hang of. Anyway, keep at it!

The drawing truly has an interesting look to it! The line art is great! There are a few places I would say the line art needs a tiny bit of reworking, such as the beak and the right hand, but that's the challenge while working in one tone. The balance of the character feels a bit off, but I can feel some of the power behind the character's stance and motion. I might say to make the background cleaner as the blurred background kind of takes away from the clean line art. Possibly make the ground he's standing on reflective to show that while he looks mythical he still exists in the world around him. Try messing around with color for the shadows in the background as well. Black lines on black shading kind of ruins the mystical feel of the light blue magic and wings. I like how you did the effects over the plague doctor's right hand as well! And... I know that was a big array of items, but I hope I helped. Keep up the good work!

I hated Asimo's Afterlife too.


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