Finally, some glimmer of life on this account

2017-08-11 13:51:36 by TheDyingSun

Greetings! The last time I posted a drawing was Pixel Day... stayed up to midnight, like usual. And after that... I'll just say robotics was busier than I expected (still awesome though).

Oh yeah, and the Twitter and Twitch? My laptop can't handle streaming unless it's really glitchy and takes away from my drawing. So that's dead, and so is the Twitter (probably), I don't like posting frequent updates, my personal life, or about so many things I do but aren't finished. (Hence why only once in a blue moon there is something new on here) So maybe stuff will pop up. Maybe sketches? If you guys are ok with that.

So see you at the next drawing update!

Sincerely, (The name wasn't supposed to be edgy)

-The Dying Sun


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