So Apparently...

2017-05-01 20:08:49 by TheDyingSun

So yeah... I now how a Twitter and Twitch for some reason. Still under the name The Dying Sun. Luckily things are clearing up and hopefully I'll be able to draw more. The set up for both right now is in the works so don't expect anything AMAZING. Twitter won't be used often, probably teeny updates...

And when I hear "Twitch" all I think is: female gamers, they're evolving!

All I can say is HOPE and PRAY TO YOUR MOMMA, that all should go well. 


From The Sun Dying in the corner.

(The links are under the Contact Info stuff etc...)

P.S. I did a (really quick) test stream, why the heck were there 10 people?


Edit: Been testing stream etc. for the past week. The stream HAS improved... but still has issues...


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