Entry #18

The Beginning of March

2018-03-03 13:18:26 by TheDyingSun

So as Febuary is wrapped up, one of my drawings is being wrapped up as well! Hopefully later today! And to those going bowling tonight see you there! (I will be beating @IvanAlmighty in bowling! Well, hopefully.)

Continuing into this month, I will be busy, especially with two robotics competitions arranged on my weekends (which is when I usually draw now). April is kind of booked as well, as I have to study up on Blender for ANOTHER competition. After that is all my Pico Day prep, and then... Demon Week. Demon Week is a little something I'm posting a drawing a day of either demons or creatures from the beyond. I want these to be high quality, and I've already started on two of them. If you want to join me with that, go right ahead! It's the week of May 24th and it starts Sunday.

See you at Revolutions!

(I can't mask my excitement for tonight!)


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2018-03-04 15:16:48

It was great meeting you! Keep up those drawing skills! and Good luck with your Robotics competition!
Check out this guy's cat for inspiration!

TheDyingSun responds:

Thank you so much man! It was truly a pleasure talking to you guys! And now I can't stop thinking about robots!