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Fun with Vectors!

2017-09-16 21:11:24 by TheDyingSun

The obligatory, "each new drawing update", and this time there isn't a three month gap!

School has started back up for me, and  I have a digital drawing class (that the school didn't tell me about)! We're currently using Adobe Illustrator so some vector drawings may show up with my drawings. Sweet huh?


This is part of our first project where we were told to show that we understand the shape tools. This is only the beginning so the final should be coming in a couple days!

Well, see you guys then!

-The Dying Sun

(I've draw more with a mouse over the past week than I have in 5 years in this class.)


Finally, some glimmer of life on this account

2017-08-11 13:51:36 by TheDyingSun

Greetings! The last time I posted a drawing was Pixel Day... stayed up to midnight, like usual. And after that... I'll just say robotics was busier than I expected (still awesome though).

Oh yeah, and the Twitter and Twitch? My laptop can't handle streaming unless it's really glitchy and takes away from my drawing. So that's dead, and so is the Twitter (probably), I don't like posting frequent updates, my personal life, or about so many things I do but aren't finished. (Hence why only once in a blue moon there is something new on here) So maybe stuff will pop up. Maybe sketches? If you guys are ok with that.

So see you at the next drawing update!

Sincerely, (The name wasn't supposed to be edgy)

-The Dying Sun

So Apparently...

2017-05-01 20:08:49 by TheDyingSun

So yeah... I now how a Twitter and Twitch for some reason. Still under the name The Dying Sun. Luckily things are clearing up and hopefully I'll be able to draw more. The set up for both right now is in the works so don't expect anything AMAZING. Twitter won't be used often, probably teeny updates...

And when I hear "Twitch" all I think is: female gamers, they're evolving!

All I can say is HOPE and PRAY TO YOUR MOMMA, that all should go well. 


From The Sun Dying in the corner.

(The links are under the Contact Info stuff etc...)

P.S. I did a (really quick) test stream, why the heck were there 10 people?


Edit: Been testing stream etc. for the past week. The stream HAS improved... but still has issues...

Happy Pico Day!

2017-04-30 15:16:19 by TheDyingSun

Happy Pico Day peeps!

Not much to say but, all the drawings on the front page are what I expected of the Newground community XD. (*cough* *cough* Deathink's PicOrgy)

Three cheers to another year for Newgrounds! And for many years to come!

20 fans!

2017-03-06 20:55:22 by TheDyingSun

*23 actually. 20 was four days ago.

Anyway! Wooh! Such a small milestone, but I don't really care how small it is around now. I've been here for about 3 years so I'm happy!

What the heck have I been doing in my inactivity? Drawing, drawing, drawing, super busy... and no finished pieces *le sigh*

Any other stuff? Yes, though I can only it will take time, therefore I'm waiting for summer, and nothing is going to be said about it otherwise.

Also: over the past two years for Pixel Day, both of my drawings have one relationship that is subtle, so I want to see if anyone can have fun and that figure that out! I wish you the best of luck, and no it's not a hexidecimal code.

And as of Dchuyv's request, music shall be included in this post...


Three hours of it

Happy Pico Day!

2016-05-07 08:59:51 by TheDyingSun

Cheers to this awesome site! 21 years!


(That is all)

He's here

2016-04-01 21:42:02 by TheDyingSun

Hi guys, having a nice day? 

Well, now the site is bought and he'll try to fix it. Money can never fix Newgrounds! No one with ever fix the demented minds on here! Cya'll on the other side! Viva la Newgrounds Revolution via Trump!

Happy Easter!

2016-03-27 20:33:43 by TheDyingSun

Hope you guys (had) a Happy Easter!

Reflections for Pixel Day

2016-01-29 15:46:43 by TheDyingSun

First off, Newgrounds, you have reached you're first all time low with me. (Low resolution that is! Sorry that's not my point) You actually frontpaged me over the weekend! (Thank you NG!)

Ok serious talk, Pixel Day was awesome to participate and for all of those who made something for the day did an amazing job! It was alot of fun, truly! 

(You may all continuing your milling around now.)

Happy Pixel Day!

2016-01-23 18:44:36 by TheDyingSun

Ah the simplistic and challenging art of pixels. A great day to celebrate! Happy (1st anual) Pixel Day!